Our Locksmith Software, Master Keying and Locksmith Inventory Products are the least expensive compared to other locksmith software on the internet or anywhere…. Guaranteed

We want to offer an affordable choice to anyone working with locks and keys, from the beginner to the locksmith business owner, and everyone in between. Using our software is a snap, and is so easy to use, anyone can do it. We invite you to watch our demo videos of our products and get a firsthand look for yourself just how easy it is to use. We have three different versions of the Master keying software, from the very basic to multi level. This is the affordable choice. There is no annual fee, you buy it, and you own it. If you can find a better master keying software product that has the same or more features for less than what we charge, tell us about it, and we’ll purchase the product for you. That’s our guarantee.


With our software, you do not need to purchase two separate program to be able to key cylinder and interchangeable cores. We have that in one version for less than anyone else has. Each one of our version comes with a whole host of extra features, like compare a key, for key blank searches, Pin charts for .003 and .005 pins, 1525 over ride key look up, Customer database and free updates are included in every version. Also even our very basic version, will allow you to key interchangeable cores A2, A3 and A4.

 You can read the complete details of each one of our products from the products page.



All of our Software is totally up to date, and all of our software supports Microsoft Windows 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows, XP, Vista and Windows 7 and  is Windows based software, not DOS based. Our software also supports Mac / Apple with OS 10.5 or better.


Download our free Locksmith screen saver.
The screen saver displays the logo of almost every lock manufacture known.



Our software is used all over the world in 28 Countries across the globe. The software is also used by locksmith schools, Franchises, and both small and large locksmith shops.


We offer an awesome locksmith inventory program that will allow you to import your entire shop contents, from key blanks to locks and everything in between. The Locksmith Inventory software is so easy to use and like our other software products you can be up and running the software in about 10 minutes or less.


From data we have received from the internet, we are the only ones that offer this software that is specifically designed for locksmiths and their shop inventory. No one else has this. They may advertise something similar, but when you review what they have you’ll see it is not that same or even close, it is usually key management, and there is a difference, not to mention the price.

As with all of our software, if you can find a better program for less that is advertised, tell us about it, and will purchase the software for you free of charge.


Importing your inventory is a snap, and only takes seconds per item. Once the inventory has been imported in to the system, you do not have to enter further information it will automatically do it for you. All you do is enter the quantity you received, or the quantity sold. It will automatically calculate the total in dollars and show you the total sale along with your profit. 


You can print or save the reports directly to your printer or save them in Adobe PDF format or Text. Reports of Sales or Inventory are just a click away. 


We also provide the key blank data pack free of charge it contains 5,879 key blanks, that include 98 percent of all key blanks made. Whether you reside in the U.S.A. or abroad the data pack provided has all the keys you would most likely use in that area.